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Calibration Products

Provided Calibration Products are instruments that are employed to modify any instrument’s precision, more frequently related with a particular application. The most complicated industrial instrument would not be extremely beneficial unless it is graded. Through provided products, modifications amended to a part of instrument guarantee that they function as anticipated- that they can be grounded on to supply accurate and predictable outcomes that suit quality standards. Our Calibration Products are alternatively characterized as the releasing of information, comprising a certificate or report of calibration that ensures a customer of product’s accord.

Key Features:

  • Integrated target plate with elevated emissivity
  • Temperatures are regulated in tough tolerances
  • Adjusted output value to complement input signal
  • Generate and read signals effectively
Product Image (M530)

10 Ohm Resistance standards

These Resistance Standards are of extremely high precision designed for calibration and laboratory use. The terminals use one pair to carry an operating current and the other pair to measure the voltage drop. These also eliminate the errors caused by voltage drops across the lead resistances, as no charge flows through voltage sensing leads. Besides, these resistors use the latest advances in materials and processing for high stability and immunity from changes in ambient environment.

Product Image (M191)

Insulation Tester Calibrator

Price: 1000.00 - 10000.00 INR
  • Delivery Time:As Per order Days
  • Supply Ability:As Per Requirment Per Day
  • Voltage:10 000 DC Volt (v)
Product Image (multifunction-calibrator-te-250x250)

Multifunction Tester Calibrator

This, Multifunction Tester Calibrator is specifically designed to calibrate test equipments. Widely demanded in energy, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage, petrochemical and chemical industry, it is highly acknowledged in the market. Manufactured using finest grade material and modern machines, it helps in maintaining the high accuracy and to cover a wide calibration workload. Moreover, it is best known for its features like consistent performance, high speed calibration and compact design.

Product Image (2500)

Signal Calibrators

Combining advanced functionality with ease of use, this Precision Laboratory Calibrator is integrated with a highly intuitive and powerful interface. It is the latest, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator that offer calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. Its robust, dust and water proof designing, and light weight makes it a perfect measurement device. Widely demanded in energy, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage, petrochemical and chemical industry, it is highly acknowledged in the market.

Product Image (M-141)

Portable Multifunction Calibrator

The Portable Multifunction Calibrator features high accuracy, long working life and trouble free working. It is a portable device that provides the functions and accuracy of a laboratory-grade instrument for virtually any calibration task. In addition, it can also be used to measure and source thermocouples, voltage, RTDs, current and frequency. Equipped with resistor for compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs, it is manufactured under the guidance of our team of experienced professionals.