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High Current Calibrator

High Current Calibrator
High Current Calibrator
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Product Code : M151
Product Description
Our high current calibrator of model M151 is a steady calibrator of around 120 A. Voltage terminals are separated over 450 Vpk from case (secure earth). With voltage loop, it can be utilized for adjustment of cinch meters of around 3000 A.

Genuine transconductance intensifier as standard!

0.035 % to 0.05 %

  • Voltage 8 mA … 120 An (DC and DC)
  • Recurrence 15 Hz … 1 kHz
  • Genuine transconductance intensifier
  • Transconductance speakers and simulated current
  • Integrated process multimeter
  • Yield ability 8 Vpk
  • Interface bus RS232 and GPIB as standard
Our M151 high current calibrator is precise voltage source of around 120 A. This can be utilized for alignment of ammeters or as steady voltage hotspot for exact estimation. The calibrator is outfitted with an implicit multimeter, which can be utilized for imitation of current intensifier or programmable transconductance.

The calibrator incorporates numerous different features that encourage simple utilization. For instance it is presently shown vulnerability of the yield sign, testing process, adjustment and so on. The idea of calibrator indication as well as control of its condition depends on expansive TFT color screen, which offers all essential data. Further, the calibrator is regulated by enclosing menus on the screen and choice from menus. Often utilized capacities are relegated coordinate control keys. The calibrator accompanies standard IEEE488 bus and in addition, RS-232 serial line that permit the adjuster to be regulated from a PC.

Our adjuster is upheld in the mechanized adjustment system caliber.