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NetWork Time Server

NetWork Time Server
NetWork Time Server
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Product Code : 3223A
Product Description

NetWork Time Server

The ptf 3223ANetTymeTMprovides Stratum Iaccuracy for your enterprise network installation.Time acquired via the GPS antenna is distrib-uted using the TCP/IPNTPto network worksta-tions. Synchronization over the network takesplace in 1 to 5 milliseconds.

By applying today's advanced GPS technologyto address the growing need for providing accu-rate network time, the ptf3223ANetTyme deliv-ers precise time via an Ethernet interface usingthe network time protocol standard common inmost computer systems today. (TCPand UDPare also included).

The ptf3223ANetTyme uses at its heart a high-ly advanced, 12 channel GPS timing receiver, todeliver milli second accuracy to the network.

In addition to NTP, the ptf3223 NetTyme sup-ports a number of network management tools tokeep your network in sync and working for you.

Other standard features include high precision 1PPS and IRIG-B outputs (via BNC) for time syn-chronization and time display applications.


  • Stand-Alone Time Server
  • NTPSupport
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base T Interface
  • 12 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Independent Time Acquisition from GPS
  • Ideal for Electronic Commerce
  • GPS Antenna and Cable Included
  • 1PPS and IRIG-B outputs standard


  • Electrical
  • Input/Output Connections
  • Network10/100 Base T Ethernet
  • Serial Port A
  • RS-232/DB9
  • DTE, Config/Control
  • IRIG-B
  • 1 PPS

Front Panel(status indicators)LED

  • Timing Accuracy
  • Network: 1-10 milliseconds, typical
  • GPS Receiver: <0.5 microseconds relative to UTC
  • Internal Clock: <0.5 microseconds(relative to UTC, GPS tracking)
  • OCXO Option: Hold <10ms for 30 days
  • GPS Receiver: Twelve channel

Refer to GlobalTymeTM datasheet if sync of local peripher-als with time code, 1 PPS, or 10 MHZ signals is required

  • Environmental & Physical
  • Power Requirements
  • AC Input (+15%)90 - 264 VAC, <10W
  • DC Input (optional)
  • Dimensions(HxWxD) 1U x 19" x 12"
  • Operating Temp0o to 50o C
  • Relative Humidity(non-condensing)0 to 95%

Supported Network Features
TCP/IP, NTPv2 (RFC 1119), NTPv3 (RFC 1305),SNTP(RFC 1361), Daytime Protocol (RFC 867), Time Protocol(RFC 868), SNMPv1 w/Custom MIB II Extension, Telnet,HTTP/HTMLStatus Page.

Configuration Options
Option  Description

  • HSOP: High Security Option
  • PPSI: External 1 PPS
  • TIME: Time Code Output (x4)
  • PULS: Pulse Distribution (x4)
  • RUBS: Rubidium
  • DISP: Front Panel Display and Keypad
  • DCPS: DC Power Supply
  • HTTP: http
  • WINA: Window Mount Antenna
  • LKIT: Lightning Protection Kit
  • RSLD: Mounted Rackslides