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Network Time Server

Network Time Server
Network Time Server
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Product Code : 3223A
Product Description

We provide network time server for your undertaking system installation. Time obtained by means of the GPS receiving wire is distributed utilizing the IPNTP/TCP to system workstations. Further, synchronization over the system happens in milliseconds.

By using today's propelled GPS advancement to address the developing requirement for offering precise system time, our network time server shows exact time through an Ethernet interface utilizing the system time convention standard basic deepest PC frameworks at present. (UDP and TCP are additionally added).

Our product utilizes at its heart an elevated propelled 12 channel GPS duration recipient to deliver millisecond precision to the system.

Notwithstanding NTP, our network time server reinforces various system administration devices to handle your system in a state of harmony and operating for you.

Other standard elements incorporate high accuracy IRIG-B and 1PPS outputs (through BNC) for time display as well as time synchronization uses.


  • One Time Server
  • NTP Bolster
  • T Interface of Ethernet 10/100 Base
  • 12 Channel GPS Receiving system
  • Autonomous Time attainment from GPS
  • Perfect for Electronic Commerce
  • Cable and GPS Antenna are Included
  • IRIG-B and 1PPS outputs standard



  • Input/Output Connections

  • Network10/100 Base T Ethernet

  • Serial Port A

  • RS-232/DB9

  • DTE, Config/Control

  • IRIG-B

  • 1 PPS

Front Panel(status indicators)LED
Timing Accuracy

  • Network: 1-10 milliseconds, typical

  • GPS Receiver: <0.5 microseconds relative to UTC

  • Internal Clock: <0.5 microseconds(relative to UTC, GPS tracking)

  • OCXO Option: Hold <10ms for 30 days

  • GPS Receiver: Twelve channel

Refer to GlobalTymeTM datasheet if sync of local peripher-als with time code, 1 PPS, or 10 MHZ signals is required

Environmental& Physical

Power Requirements

  • AC Input (+15%)90-264 VAC, <10W

  • DC Input (optional)

  • Dimensions(HxWxD) 1U x 19" x 12"

  • Operating Temp0o to 50o C

  • Relative Humidity(non-condensing)0 to 95%

Supported Network Features

TCP/IP, NTPv2 (RFC 1119), NTPv3 (RFC 1305),SNTP(RFC 1361), Daytime Protocol (RFC 867), Time Protocol(RFC 868), SNMPv1 w/Custom MIB II Extension, Telnet,HTTP/HTMLStatus Page

Configuration Options

  • Option Description

  • HSOP: High Security Option

  • PPSI: External 1 PPS

  • TIME: Time Code Output (x4)

  • PULS: Pulse Distribution (x4)

  • RUBS: Rubidium

  • DISP: Front Panel Display and Keypad

  • DCPS: DC Power Supply


  • HTTP: http

  • WINA: Window Mount Antenna

  • LKIT: Lightning Protection Kit

  • RSLD: Mounted Rackslides