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Portable Multifunction Calibrator

Portable Multifunction Calibrator
Portable Multifunction Calibrator
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Product Code : M-141
Product Description

To gain the trust and confidence of a vast clientele, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Portable Multifunction Calibrator. In laboratories these are used as electric quantity meter testing equipments. These equipments are manufactured under the firm inspection of the expert supervisors making use of superior grade materials and components. The clients can avail our Portable Multifunction Calibrator at the cost effective prices. We always deliver our range of electronic products to the clients within the stipulated time frame.

Our portable Multifunction calibrator of version M143 is cost sparing solution for adjustment of meters of electric amounts of around 1000 V and 20 A. This provides essential precision 0.01% in DC current demanded for alignment of 3½ as well as 4½ digit multimeter. Resilience capacity is secured by eight settle resistors in array varying in between 10 to 100 M. The adjuster provides TC temperature detector simulation. Our portable multifunction calibrator can be supplied alternatively also with RTD temperature detector test system. Because of its compact measurements and in addition, its low weight the adjuster can be used effectively for field alignments.

The calibrator primary utilization area are manufacturing units of multimeter., measuring amplifiers, calibration labs, panel meters, transducers and thermometers, where the adjuster can be used as root of normal value for verifications, adjustments and calibrations of lines under inspection.

Interface RS-232 as well as alternatively GPIB interface bus help computerized working in remote state providing efficient programmed adjustments. Version M143 is completely perfect with Meatest alignment SW pack WinQbase and CALIBER.


  • Broad voltage gamut from 0 to 1000 V AC/DC with precision 0.01 %
  • Stretched out current reach from 0 to 20 A AC/DC with precision 0.02 %
  • Increased current limit to 1000 An utilizing Meatest alternative 140-50 voltage coil for alignment of clip ammeters
  • Non-sinusoidal and Sinusoidal waveforms
  • Settle standard resistors 10 to 100 M in values of decimal with alignment precision 0.02 %
  • Thermocouple temperature detector recreation R, B, T, K, S, J, E and N in array from 250 °C to 1850 °C
  • Chilled intersection programmed compensation utilizing outside Pt1000 detector
  • RTD temperature detector test system as alternative
  • Energy supply voltage 115/230V at 50/60 Hz
  • Interface IEEE488 (alternatively) and RS 232
  • Compact measurements, Net weight 9 kg

General Information

  • Reference temperature array : 23 °C ± 2 °C (for over indicated instabilities)
  • Relative moistness : <80 % to 30 °C, <70 % to 40 °C, <40 % to 50 °C
  • Temperature coefficient : In stretched out temperature array +5 °C to +40 °C increase vulnerability
  • grounds 0.15x/°C
  • Outright precision definition : M143 determinations incorporate temperature coefficient, linearity and stability
  • Load and line control, as well as the traceability of the outside standards
  • utilized for adjustment.
  • Particular certainty interim : 99 %
  • Protection principles : Confirms to EN/IEC 61010-1:2001

Scope of operating temperatures : +10 °C - +40 °C
Scope of storing temperatures : - 20 °C - +50 °C
Energy supply : 115/230V - 50/60 Hz
Energy utilization : 250 VA max
Measurements (W x H x D) : 325 x 111 x 316 mm
Weight : 9 kg
Interface : RS232, (IEEE488 as alternative)

Basic accessories (comprised in delivery)

  • Control line string 1 pc
  • Client's manual 1 pc
  • Test record 1 pc
  • Test link 1000V/20A, 1m 2 pc
  • Alternative 60 RTD Simulator Wire Adapter 1 pc (alternatively)
  • Alternative 90 Pt1000 External Temperature Detector 1 pc
  • Wire RS232 1 pc   

Further Details:

Multifunction calibrator is designed for use in calibration laboratories, quality departments and production lines as a standard for electric quantity meters testing. With model M-141 calibration of voltmeters to 750 V, ammeters to 2 A, resistance ranges of multimeters and industrial evaluation units can be performed easily. Interface RS-232 enables to add the calibrator to the automated calibration and testing systems. Model M-141 can work under Meatest application SW like WinQbase and Caliber. Version M-141R contains build-in programmable RTD simulator for simulation of Pt/Ni temperature sensors.

Technical Features:

  • Voltage range from 0 to 750 V DC/AC with uncertainty 0.01 %.
  • Current range from 0 to 2 A DC/AC with uncertainty 0.02 %.
  • Fix standard resistors from 10 Ohm to 100 MOhm in decade values with uncertainty 0.02 %.
  • TC temperature sensor simulation R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N in range from -250 oC to 1850 oC
  • RTD temperature sensor simulation (optionally).
  • Cold junction point automatic compensation with internal Pt100 sensor.
  • Power supply voltage 115/230V 50/60 Hz.
  • Interface RS 232, (IEEE488 as option).
  • Comfortable control, large display.
  • Weight 8 kg.